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Driver's Manual

Let's Roll Driving School
Serving all of SOUTH JERSEY including
Ocean County, Atlantic and Cape May County

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Let's Roll Driving School will help you learn to drive safely in a well-established program with certified instructors.

We teach the basics of operating a vehicle, and behind-the-wheel time will help you to recognize road signs while developing responsibility. If you study with us and on your own, you will be ready to pass that test.

Upon completion, you'll be on the ROAD to SUCCESS. A certificate from our driving school may also qualify you for a discount on your car insurance, too.

Completing six hours of behind the wheel driving instruction in addition to the thirty hours of classroom experience often qualifies for the benefit of reduced insurance rates. Parents should also ask about “Good Student Discounts” for grade point average and score on the state required written test of knowledge and rules. Insurance coverage varies from liability, collision, property, damage and so forth. Contact your insurance company or agent for details.

Click here for suggested books about driving skills and attitudes.


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