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Let's Roll Driving School

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  • Safety Behind the Wheel
  • Highway Driving
  • Stop, Yield, Turn
  • Parallel Parking
  • Three Point Turn
  • Information for written driver's license test
  • Certificate upon completion giving you the opportunity for insurance reduction
  • Point Reduction upon request

Review Lessons -

Do you need help to prepare for your Road Test?

Do you just want to review or refresh your driving skills?

We offer a two-hour review lesson for parallel parking, K-turns, and some special tips on how to pass the road test. For more information, please call (609) 399-8044 or click here to contact us.

A Teen's First Car - Click here for lots of ideas

Should parents look for a bigger car or more safety features? Commonly expressed advice has been to find a big, if ancient, American car, one of those Detroit land yachts that provides a thick cage of strong metal around your child. But maybe what you really need is a secondhand Volvo; they always had a reputation as safe rides. Or what about a sport-utility vehicle? It might be prone to rollovers, but it lifts your teen driver above the threat of other vehicles' fenders, doesn't it? Should parents look for a Ford pickup truck, a Buick, or an a sport utility vehicle? One suggestion is a late-model sedan, something like the Volkswagen Passat as a safe vehicle for teens, since the model has side airbags and high crash-test ratings. Click the link above for more suggestions.

Parallel Parking that First Car

Drivers who frequent malls and stores with large parking lots can easily park their cars. If they go shopping for that new iPod or mp3 player downtown, though, they may have to know how to parallel park. These two links will give you some guides to learning about parallel parking. Park That Car and the Unofficial Guide to the DMV

Tips to Help New Drivers As a community service, this site collected safe driving tips that new drivers might find helpful to prevent accidents and is sharing them here.

Involved Parents - Learn about programs that help parents become involved in preventing underage drinking. Your family and community can benefit from programs like the Protecting You/Protecting Me, and Youth In Action.

IIHS - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses (deaths, injuries, and property damage) from crashes on the nation's highways.

Click here for suggested books about driving skills and attitudes.

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