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We offer our students the chance to take practice tests. Please note that these questions are only practice questions. We highly recommend that you pay attention to the NJ Driver's manual. More information may be obtained through the MVC website and the driver's manual.
Review Lessons -
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We offer a two-hour review lesson for parallel parking, K-turns, and some special tips on how to pass the road test. For more information, please call (609) 399-8044 or (609) 294-1739 or click here to contact us.

Practice Tests - Before you start, download this document and print a scorecard to keep track of your progress.

Select a test and do your best:

Tests with 10 or 15 Questions
Tests with 20 Questions

You have several choices for your online practice tests here on our site. We have assembled a collection of practice questions (these are not the actual questions from the NJ test, but they are very similar) and used them to create tests. You will find both 10 and 20 question tests here. The tests provide you with information about your score for each question as you work your way through.

Once you have completed a test, you will see a report card which lists all of the questions you missed along with the correct answers. You can print the report card to have a record of your achievement for that test.

You may also want to try some of the practice tests provided by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. Just click here.

We wish you luck as you take the tests. Please remember that you may return and take any test over again in an attempt to improve your scores. The report cards all show the date and time you completed the test. Printing the report cards and saving them will help you to see your progress as you study and practice.

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